Where it’s made – Delaxation Hour, A To Zed

“Here” at Radio Konton our diverse staff employs a number of different means and methods to construct our audio offerings. I’d like to take a moment to show where the Disastronaut puts the Delaxation Hour and A To Zed shows together. This is subject to change, as these shows have also been assembled off site at locations ranging from McDonald’s restaurants to Tim Horton’s coffee shops, though these are not great for clean recording.

Delaxation assembly area

The Delaxation Hour is a show composed mostly of diverse musical genres with a focus on eliminating overplayed content. There is often a theme to the music; recurring motifs include cover songs, musical questions and speaking songs. Initially there were no vocals on the episodes, though now it could be argued that there are too many vocals on the episodes. There used to be stand-up comedy but the host doesn’t find as much funny anymore. A To Zed was initially constructed as a challenge to the other DJs here to find an artist for each letter of the alphabet to include in a single show. It is challenging. This will likely conclude once 24 hours worth of episodes exist.

Doors’ eye view

Most of the flotsam and jetsam seen here is part of advanced distraction technique employed to avoid obsession and depression in an attempt to foster inspiration devoid of misery. As this is a basement location there are plenty of sounds to filter out of recordings. Receiving FM radio transmissions is problematic, unless the radio is left on a windowsill and positioned just so and used only with earphones. There are a series of reminders and inspirational messages arranged on the Yeti microphone and computer to ensure the highest quality of work. A lie detector is present and used to ensure the most honest on-air patter possible.

Pre-seated view

Seen near the microphone are a few throwbacks of technology that keep the show going – a Sandisk MP3 player for ‘proof-listening’ to episodes and songs that may merit inclusion, and a Panasonic voice recorder for notes on the go and to surreptitiously record audio in public. While the show is constructed for a digital medium, most of the planning takes place on graph paper in tiny hand-crafted font. Occasionally the goggles will be donned while the shows are put together out of boredom and solitude. The microphone is called Cooper. It’s easy to do things that don’t make sense when you’re alone.

Seated view

Stay tuned for more looks into the making of Radio Konton, once the rest of the staff takes photos and/or forwards some text to post as well! Where do you listen to Radio Konton? What’s your favorite show? Do you have any requests? Be sure to let us know!

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