Where the Konton is Made: DJ Deadzone edition

Here’s another look at the work areas of Radio Konton staff. These photos were provided by DJ Deadzone, the host of Mixed Signals and the occasional stream-exclusive Satellites.

Pictured here appears to be a show in progress, as well as her microphone and handheld radio. I can’t identify the stone here, but I know she’s got quite the rock collection so I’d presume it to be of exotic origin. Possibly from the spaceship that brought her from a doomed planet as an infant. Just saying what I heard.

Subsequent to these initial photos DJ Deadzone submitted this closer look into her work space. I presume that she uses the Ouija board to consult spirits for inspiration while assembling her shows. Or perhaps she’s polling them for forbidden knowledge from beyond the veil. Listen to upcoming shows to find out for sure!

Thanks to DJ Deadzone for the peek into the process and for all the great shows! What sort of device do you listen to Radio Konton on? Does it come in on the old fillings in your teeth? Let us know in the comments below!

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