DJ CONSTRUCT representin’ in Norway!

DJ Construct - Norway 2017 - photo by Hans Kvernsjoli

DJ Construct sports a RADIO KONTON t-shirt as he spins for the fortunate folk in Norway. Photo by Hans Kvernsjoli.

Shortly before Radio Konton 90.5 was pulled from the FM band by Canadian authorities in July 2017, Konton’s own DJ Construct made his way to Norway, where you can see he has managed to keep himself busy.

We were lucky to have him for as long as we did on FM, and you can still occasionally catch his shows in Radio Konton’s internet rotation. Naturally we continue to bother him for content for the web and the YouTube.

Lookin’ sharp, Construct! Keep up the good work!

…and remember, Radio Konton is made from select hops, spring water and slow-aged for perfect flavour. It’s the nation’s choice, so make it yours! Radio Konton…completely safe when used as directed.


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