RADIO KONTON has plans for Halloween! Stay tuned to our stream and YouTube channel for spooky fun times! If Goth is your kick, be sure to check out DJ Batcave Lives (you might know him better as Good Old Music from Konton UK) and his ‘GOTH INFERNO’! And if Dark Techno is your jam, you’re sure to enjoy any number of our NOCTURNES SUBTERRANEAN 💀 地下の夜の歌 . . .!

So stayed tuned to Radio Konton Online and Radio Konton YouTube over the season as we celebrate with a plethora of dark vibes and spooky tunes!

Here’s some more shots of the Radio Konton pumpkin carved by our friend Ripley!


And check out wild new Radio Konton salad dressing, not Italian, not Ranch, not French, but an entirely new and different taste treat that’s waking up the world. Pour Radio Konton on your crispy greens and be wild…!

Radio Konton is safe when taken as directed.


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