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Radio Konton finds itself unable to live stream on YouTube. Given that YouTube has not made it clear why we have either been suspended(?) or banned (?!) from live streaming, we can only assume it is related to copyright infringement. However, we don’t really know, as this has not been made clear. We have not received a “Copyright Strike”, nor have we received a “Community Guidelines Strike”. We are just suddenly unable to stream live.

This leaves Radio Konton in the extremely uncomfortable position of not knowing when, or even if, we will be returning to live steaming on YouTube. If we had received a strike, the YouTube policy is a 90 day suspension. But given we have not received a strike, we simply do not know. Frankly, we are dumbfounded. The block comes without warning, and as stated, our channel is in good-standing. Naturally, all attempted contact with YouTube has been met with silence.

Radio Konton’s Internet Stream remains untouched…at least for the moment. And our previous YouTube Content remains in tact.

We can only ask our listeners and supporters to please stay tuned.


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