BABYMETAL SPACE FUNKOS Toompea in Old Town Tallinn Estonia 2018

The BABYMETAL IN SPACE Funkos continue their journey around the globe. Pictured above, our Funkos hangout with an ancient and rather spooky statue in the city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We’ve added a BABYMETAL Wonderful Journey playlist to our YouTube Channel, and encourage you to check out the videos as the Funkos make their way around the globe searching for their rightful owners, SU-METAL, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL, collectively known as BABYMETAL.
Good luck girls! We’ll keep watching!

You can follow the BABYMETAL – WONDERFUL JOURNEY! on all the various so-med (social media) at the below links:

And naturally, tune into RADIO KONTON for all your musical needs. Remember, Radio Konton is absolutely safe when taken as directed.


lil konton


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  1. Thanks again for your continued support on their terrestrial journey! We all promise to take the best care possible of these little good will embasssadors, until they finish their trip, and finally go to their proper homes in Japan!


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