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Over the past year or so, Radio Konton DJ and producer V//Tomo has been operating on and off as the vaporwave project West End Galleria, recently on the Gulf Audio Company split album YEARBOOK with another Konton DJ, Kid Mania.

The vaporwave label Strudelsoft has been releasing some of the West End Galleria material, and yesterday Rolling Stone magazine on-line did a write-up concerning the unique release format Strudelsoft has been using. In this article, they feature a photograph of the West End Galleria release, After School.

Link to the Rolling Stone article:


It’s been an active couple of months for V//Tomo, first with the release of West End Galleria / Kid Mania split YEARBOOK, then the Rolling Stone photo featuring the Strudelsoft release of After School and earlier this week West End Galleria released Picture Day, through Wizard of Loneliness / Halcyon Tapes.

Picture day - WEG
Picture Day‘ by West End Galleria. Says West End Galleria, “It’s that time of the school year again. A day filled with excitement for some and dread for others as everyone’s trying to look their best for the camera. It’s Picture Day, so put a smile on and get at least one good shot snapped for Mom…”

Radio Konton wishes V//Tomo and West End Galleria congratulations & the best of luck! It’s not many of us can say we’ve been in Rolling Stone. . .

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Check out more vaporwave with with V//Tomo’s Vapor Lock!

And remember kids…Radio Konton is completely safe when used as directed.

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