radio konton promo

A few of the Radio Konton DJs have been extremely busy over the months of October and November.

It started when V//TOMO releasedDirty Odyssey” through DMT Tapes FL, then on cassette through Lost Angles (a Canadian label!), but continued with Kid Mania and DJ Deadzone performing with Jason Brock as DOCTOR ELLIS for their record release party celebrating “Happy at CERN” dropped through us here at Radio Konton (Records).

KID MANIA then put out the creepy record “RUSE” through the American label Night Light Tapes. V//TOMO appeared on the Halloween release of Anasazi: The Hidden Files”, an extremely well-received compilation put out by the label Immersion Complete™ hailing from New Jersey.

It’s been busy, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Meanwhile, V//TOMO, Kid Mania and DJ Deadzone continue to produce shows for us here at Radio Konton!

We encourage you to check out their releases.

And why not experience Radio Konton…? It heals what ails you, and is completely safe when used as directed.

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