BABYMETAL Space Funkos Return To Radio Konton!

BABYMETAL Space Funkos at Radio Konton Studios [2]

The BABYMETAL Funko pops Radio Konton sent into space, and then sent on their Wonderful Journey, have circumnavigated the globe from fan to fan and returned to North Bay. At least for a moment, long enough to catch their breath and enjoy some egg nog before once again hitting the road, this time to Toronto.

Egg Nog with BABYMETAL Space Funkos

They returned to us from some good people in Scotland, the last leg on their far flung European tour. When thinking about it, its quite incredible. They have seen so many things, been to so many places its hard to go into here, and kinda hard to even comprehend. As Brian, one of the North American participants recently said, “this project was from day one about getting people all over the world together for something fun and silly.”

BABYMETAL Space Funkos reminiscing about their Space Journey while looking at the original platform
BABYMETAL Space Funkos reminiscing about their Space Journey while looking at the original platform

I’d have to say Mission Accomplished X100.

We highly encourage to you to check out this map…it details the places on globe the BABYMETAL Space Funkos have been, and it gives us some idea of the fans BABYMETAL has generated.

Here’s links to all the BABYMETAL Wonderful Journey social media…the photographs are a blast, and demonstrate the length and breadth of this incredible voyage!


[There are so many, many photos on the Instagram!!]




BABYMETAL Wonderful Journey webpage

So let’s celebrate this Wonderful Journey with a video from the act that started it all. BABYMETAL has been through many changes in the past year…so let’s play something a little older. From 2013, this—appropriately—is “Catch Me If You Can”, live at Makuhari Messe Event Hall:


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