IMG_20170503_192450Here’s some comments we’ve received at our e-mail account. Shoot us an email and we’ll feature the comments here!

“…delaxation hour = superb. Not weird. Perfect. This is the only station that claims to play experimental sounds that actually does…!”

“best wishes from Melbourne, Australia”

“Wow! Radio Konton has advertising! 90.5 FM North Bay…Hey wait!!!!!!! NO it is Jazz FM 91 now!! Those fuckers just hijacked the signal?? All night it was Konton, and now at this moment, 11:34pm, 90.5 is Jazz FM 91 outta Toronto…?! hmmmmmmmmmmm…”

“Mixed signals is brilliant! You have to keep up the good work because you’re the only ones I can find on internet radio!”

“How can I get a Radio Konton Sticker for my laptop? I really like the ones I see at the bus stop and the station is pretty cool.”

“Awesome music today. Like nothing I’ve ever heard. Like speed metal with Japanese school girls. Wish I could understand what they are singing! Rock on..!”–Scott in Seattle